Setting the business in Poland has never been easy for foreigners due to the complex, unclear and constantly changing taxation, social security and labour laws. At Genprox we are partnering up with Poland Prize programme being Huge Thing, Startup Hub Poland, Arkley accounting advisory firm providing end-to-end support for foreign businesses operating in Poland. We are providing services from the company registration, through ongoing accounting, taxation, employment, financial statements preparation processes to company liquidation. We are members of international well recognised accounting bodies like Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and we do speak English, so we can guide you through all regulations and make sure your business set up in Poland is conduced in most possible safe way to protect your business brand and your investment in Poland.

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Modern accounting model delivered to your company

We provide comprehensive accounting, taxation and reporting process in accordance with standards (Polish Accounting Standards or International Financial Reporting Standards), preparation of financial statements, calculation of taxes and HR and payroll services. Our experienced accountants provide services based on the well-known and proven financial and accounting system Comarch Optima. We deliver paperless document flow in you can either save scans of your accounting documents on secured FTP or use our Document Management System on your mobile or web-based application.

Reporting, financial analyses and online access to your data

We work on a proven financial system based on SQL Server being integrated with Microsoft Power BI – the modern reporting platform available online. Having this, we can offer our clients a secure access to their data 24/7. For customers who run a warehouse and sell goods, we offer a model of dispersed cooperation (warehouse and sales position at the customer integrated with the General Ledger maintained by Genprox).

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Proactive advisory in accounting and tax matters

From the first day of our cooperation, we support our Clients in how to organize a business model and select such legal and organizational solutions to optimize their tax position and to simplify the financial and accounting processes. We build our competitive advantage on the market of accounting services by engaging in your business and becoming an advisor even in area where it is not expected from us.

Integration with transaction systems and e-banking

Customers who run their business on dedicated transactional system we offer an integration with our financial and accounting system. This reduces costs resulting from entering accounting documents and human errors. For all Clients, regardless of the industry, we offer integration with online banking (eliminating manual transfer of payments, maintaining one consistent customer base and their bank accounts).



Employee portal with online access

We offer online employee portal service integrated with the HR and payroll system for our clients. Based on that solution you can manage: time of work, holiday requests and absences, overtime and their settlement as well as the employee appraisal system.

Support in defining the company's financial model

Choosing a Limited Liability Company (LLC) vs. a Limited Partnership or deciding on the financing of current debts through factoring, loan or recapitalization is important for the financial performance of your business and tax obligations. You do not have to be familiar with all of this when you are our client.



Who we are

Qualified Accountants

Genprox provides comprehensive solutions in the area of ​​accounting outsourcing, human resources and payroll as well as taxes and financial controlling. We also provide accounting services for special purpose vehicles (spv) and infrastructure design and implementation of financial and accounting systems. Our team has, among others, qualifications of the British association ACCA, Chartered Accountant and Legal Advisor.

What makes our offer unique

Model Team Extension

Accounting and taxes are integral part of business. That’s why we offer you a unique model of cooperation where our accountants stay in close relationships with your business. We organize periodic teleconferences and meetings to clarify any doubts. We are convinced that such a model of cooperation determines our competitiveness on the market of accounting services and strongly increases the quality of our services.

What we offer

Processes under control

Our attention is focused on business processes and control. This means that you always know what is happening and what is the status of work done for your organization and you have full control over it. We prefer an active cooperation model instead of classic outsourcing. We offer our clients 24/7 access to their finances via the Manager’s Desktop and the e-Employee platform.

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